Types Of Entrepreneurs

Types Of Entrepreneurs
Self Employed
1.Manages own business
2.Few workers
3.Team Building
*They will always look forward to improve or expand their business
*Their business expansion depends on the number of workers
*In order to achive their goals, they work effectively in a team
*Examples: Retailer, Lawyer, Doctor.

Free Mover
Set up a company,
*Sell their own products
*Examples: Ramily Burgers, Aminah Hassan’s sauce

*Company or manufacture that grants franchises
*They develop effective business using branches at different locations
*Examples: KFC, Pizza Hut, Radix Fried Rice

*A license to sell another’s products or to use another’s name in business or both

*The company that sells a franchise
*US headquarters


Large Enterprise:
*This type of entrepreneur will explore a large scale of business which involves
big capital and a lot of employees.

Product or Service
*Product: Honda, Toyota Cars

Product or Service
*Service: DHL,
*Western Union

Capital Accumulator:
*Financial Institutions
>Large Amount of capital required
>Multi level management
>Examples: Maybank, AmBank, Insurance companies.

Business Buyer:
*Buy an ongoing business
>Large Amount of capital required
>High level of Information required
>Examples: Sony bought Universal Pictures of Hollywood

A Techno/Cyber Entrepreneur
*Creates new ideas applying technology
*Advancement in

Their products
*Examples: Hotmail, Google,
*Yahoo, Twitter

Buy & Sell Entrepreneur
*Buy non profit making business
>Inject large amount of capital
*Turn it into Profit Making Venture
>Sell it at higher price